Are Wood Stoves Better Than Fireplaces?

Are Wood Stoves Better Than Fireplaces?

What is Wood Stove?

The wood stove is a compact room heater which uses wood, sawdust, and other wood-based biomass fuel. It could be made of metal with bricks in the interior space. A metal firebox at the core burs the fuel. It has vents for allowing free airflow which can keep the fire burning. It has a chimney through which the smoke and pollutants move out of the woodstove to the external space. You can route the chimney out of the ceiling to keep your home free from pollution.Wood burning fireplace
A wood stove can work efficiently in small rooms since the heating requirement is low. It may not be possible to compare the woodstove with a furnace due to many reasons.

How Fireplace Scores over Wood Stove

The fireplace has a much larger capacity of heating your large living room. The firebox is designed to generate more heat with less fuel. It can retain heat better than the woodstove. Transmission of heat can reach all the eight corners of your living space.
Duration of heating is much longer than the woodstove. You can further increase the heat by insulating the room and installing a thick carpet on the floor.
Fireplaces can have creative designs and you can add more architectural elements to it. It can enhance the value of your home. The intensity of warmth can create a deep sense of ambiance which a wood stove may not be able to create.
A fireplace can transform your lifestyle completely after installation. It can add luxury, sophistication, and a deep sense of aesthetics to your home which a wood stove may not be able to provide.
A fireplace, especially the one using gas as fuel is more energy-efficient and hygienic. Pollution is almost zero, while the wood stove has more risk of pollution. More on this website

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