Month: May 2018

Stossel: Eye Test Innovators vs BottleneckersStossel: Eye Test Innovators vs Bottleneckers

Need glasses? Going to an optometrist can be a pain and waste the better part of a day. So a company, Opternative, invented an at-home test. It’s cheaper and more convenient than traditional eye exams. You just need a cell phone and a computer.

But the American Optometric Association (AOA) wants it banned. They say “it poses significant health risks to consumers” because “it relies on new, self-administered tests” rather than “assessment by an eye care professional.”

Everyone who wants glasses should go to an eye doctor, says the association.

Is this new eye test dangerous? Or is it a cheap and efficient eye care alternative?

John Stossel takes the Opternative at-home test in Part 2 of our “Bottleneckers” series.