Month: June 2018

Star: Charlie Hunnam is thinking about marrying his girlfriend of 10 yearsStar: Charlie Hunnam is thinking about marrying his girlfriend of 10 years

The past year of Charlie Hunnam has not been great for his image. He can’t shut up about how he ghosted his girlfriend Morgana McNelis, or how ignoring her and cutting off contact with her for five months was “really hard” on her, or how funny it was. Charlie and Morgana have been together for ten years, and ghosting or not, they do seem to be pretty solid. Meaning, she puts up with a lot, but hey, at least he tries to defend his relationship to his creepy stalkers? Something like that. After a decade together, it appears that Charlie might be thinking about marrying her. This is according to Star Magazine.

After more than a decade of dating, Charlie Hunnam is preparing to pop the question to jewelry designer Morgana McNelis!

“After his divorce, Charlie didn’t believe in rushing things,” says a source close to the actor, who wed actress Katharine Towne just one month after they met in 1999 and described their marriage as three “terrible, painful, expensive” years.

“Charlie and Morgana have been OK with just living together, but now, as he approached 40, his thoughts have turned to starting a family.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Charlie talked about his first marriage a little bit while he was promoting King Arthur. He got hitched in Vegas when he was 18 years old, and the divorce lasted longer than the marriage, I believe. That’s the kind of thing that would put most people off the institution for a long time, I would think. I’m not even sure Charlie would ever get married to anyone ever again, but who knows? If you find a partner who will stay with you even when you ghost them for five months (and then laugh about it later), I guess you probably should put a ring on it.