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An Orthodontist Will Set You Up With BracesAn Orthodontist Will Set You Up With Braces

An Orthodontist Will Set You Up With Braces

You get braces from the orthodontist, who is a specialist on all things related to smile correction, jaw alignment and oral surgery. Braces are normally worn by a person in order to correct their smile for cosmetic purposes or because of health reasons (normally their dentist would have said this to them). No matter what the reason is, you are reading this because you are wondering what it is you need to know about braces – after all, most people don’t know that much about braces and if this is the case, then you have landed on the right page.Orthodontist San Antonio

You may be walking into the appointment with treatment already in mind that you want to pursue, but the fact of the matter is, it may not be right for you in the long run. Or it may be that you are not eligible for the treatment that you want. There is no way to determine from this post or anywhere else whether or not you are eligible for the treatment you want. The only person who can do that is the orthodontist himself, which you will have to talk to. The orthodontist is mainly concerned that you will improve your smile, and if the treatment you want doesn’t fit, then the orthodontist will not recommend it to you. You should therefore walk into that appointment with an open mind about your treatment options. More information here

The most simple treatment options that the orthodontist can offer you would be the use of just simple appliances that are somewhat like braces. These are the retainers, mostly. Retainers are something that many people are familiar with. This is a custom-fitted wire that is designed to hold teeth in place. It is meant for people with mild teeth misalignment problems. If you need more than a retainer, the orthodontist will either suggest wearing braces and then a retainer after a while or wearing spacers, which are rubber bands that hold the jaw in the proper place. Braces are nothing to be afraid of, and there are several to choose from depending on your case and on your budget.

A very common method in orthodontic braces would be traditional metal braces. Most people already know what these look like. They are incredibly obvious and easy to spot on a person, they are otherwise extremely effective in the treatment and will work on almost everyone. These are starting to decrease in popularity, as there is a growing social stigma that corrupts the image of these braces, and patients are asking for more discreet options. What keeps these braces going are the fact that these braces are very affordable, but they are especially useless for patients who need to maintain a proper professional appearance.

One of those discreet options that were created as an alternative of the metal braces would be the clear braces. It’s the same wire and bracket method for their function as the way traditional braces work, but it’s just that they are made up of clear brackets instead of the metal ones, and even though friends and peers can still clearly see them, they are far less obvious and attract much less attention. They are also extremely effective in treatment. They are only slightly more expensive than metal braces, but if you want more discretion, there are other treatment methods available.

There’s the option of using lingual braces. Some call these hidden braces, and they were designed for better discretion in its prime. No one will be able to tell that you have these on, essentially, except for the orthodontist that put them on for you. The way that these stay discreet is the fact that they are glued behind the teeth, which adequately hides them from the view of others. Your orthodontist has to be very careful when putting these on you because it can get quite painful, but considering the fact that they hide so well, it might be worth the pain and discomfort for you, especially if you are the type of person to work in the professional sphere.

For something that is more comfortable and just as discreet, you have every popular option to use Invisalign, which you will recognize from the infomercials. These are far more comfortable by far than any of the other options available. The aligners are lightweight and are made of clear plastic, any they apply on so easily – just like a mouthguard. If you want ease, comfort, and discretion, this is the right method for you.