Day: January 10, 2021

Energy Efficient Water HeatersEnergy Efficient Water Heaters

Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Energy-efficient water heater. Have you been wondering why you had a big increase in electric bill every winter season? Or are you satisfied with your warming appliances given the high electric bill?

You might want to review your home heating preferences. Do you want it for the entire room? Or just for your room? In the living room? In the kitchen? It is so having the most efficient and economical heater for your home.

There are many different heaters available in the market nowadays. It is important to know what type of heater to be used for your specific needs.

So basically, there are two types of heaters. These are the fixed heaters and the non-fixed heaters.

Fixed heaters are normally what we find in a fireplace. They are powered with coal, wood, gas, or LPG. Coal has a much higher energy density than wood. This means that they can emit more heat from a particular volume of fuel than wood. But there are also fixed heaters such as wall panel heaters and wall pan heaters. These types of heaters are best in halls, stairwells and kitchens where there is an outside wall close by. For gas fires; open flame, radiant, glass-fronted, and flueless are available. Among the four, fires with a balanced flue are more efficient because there’s no need for ventilation.

Portable electric heaters are heaters that can be picked up and moved around wherever you desire to put them. These are mainly electrical appliances. so they use electricity to function. So there are four kinds of portable electric heaters: oil-filled radiators, convector heaters, fan heaters, and halogen heaters. None of these are more energy-efficient than the others. But, halogen heaters tend to cool down more quickly as they also heat up quickly. Yet, an advantage of these is it is variably small so it consumes less space just like the fan heaters. Fan heaters, though, need a little more space since it must draw in air. If there are children in your home, it is not advisable to use an oil-filled radiator. Since they can reach high temperatures, they can harm anyone touching it. Thus, it must be put to big areas away from people.

In terms of energy consumption, portable electric heating is not as costly as the central heating system running on gas or coal.

And of course, a heating system doesn’t concentrate only on heaters. You also had to make sure that your room or space that needs heating is prepared. You must make sure that no air can pass through your walls and your doors. So you must as well add door sweeps. Also, window drapes would be very advisable to make sure that no warm air can escape through your window. It will also avoid air condensation in your window since the air between the drapes and the window is much cooler than the air inside the room. You could also use a plastic window kit but there are limitations in using this type of thing.